Services to help you actually implement your “better way” program, are provided by Presentation Excellence Group affiliates. Learn more about them by visiting their websites and using their respective Contact Us forms in order to get additional information.

  • Commanding Strategies – Let us facilitate a “Strategic Leadership Advance” to help your executive team develop effective strategies for growth.
  • Eval2Win – Accelerate growth by driving cultural, performance and leadership accountability conversations at every level of your organization
  • Fuel4Growth –Reduce unnecessary operating expenses by analyzing optional choices and vendors. Use first year savings to pay for the service!
  • Mentoring Internships – enabling companies to implement self-sustainable, high ROI programs that serve students and benefit the company in several ways.
  • Presentation Excellence – Master the art and science of designing winning business presentations to close more deals, advance careers and improve lives
  • Vistage New York – Become a more effective leader, making better decisions and producing superior outcomes for yourself and your company.
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